The Peace Tour is a future project of World Peace Through Technology. It’s a traveling technology show, educating and entertaining participants and spreading a message of peace throughout the globe. Initially traveling around North America visiting major cities as well as sacred places, the Peace Tour will be an exciting and educational venture. The Peace Tour will demonstrate technology such as real-life mobile networking and state of the art video projections – highlighting the benefits of current technology breakthroughs. One of the primary technological aims will be to demonstrate mobile broadband networking.

How will the Peace Tour function as an educational project?
World Peace Through Technology is also known by it’s primary project, the Peace Tour. We will develop mobile educational showcases, which will include interactive learning seminars, large-scale demonstrations, and have broadcasts over the Internet as integral aspects of the Peace Tour. Within the mobile showcase model we will present various multi-media galleries, introducing and instructing in benevolent technologies. As part of its subject matter, the Peace Tour will also present information about the local culture and history of places visited.

What will a Peace Tour showcase and learning seminar look like?
The model for our events will resemble a mini-trade show combined with a country fair. We will provide an entire day of hands-on instruction and play between participants and the thousands of virtual participants in cyberspace who are eagerly awaiting to interact and help their new electronic acquaintances learn how to communicate using email and real-time video conferencing tools. We will be utilizing a fully equipped computer lab to optimally educate a high throughput of as many people as possible. Additionally, there will be presentations made on large screens with projected imagery, taking people step by step through the magic of these new devices of communication. After the day-long learning seminar there will be a celebration which will involve dance and music performances of the host country and then a cyber performance by the Peace Tour crew which will bring the event to a close. All performances will be digitally transmitted over the Internet in the most advanced way to as many people as possible all over the world. For people in different time zones and for the period in between the next stop on the tour the previous performances will always be available upon demand.

What is the purpose of going on tour?
The purpose of the tour is to take these showcases along a pre-determined tour route to all global citizens who show an interest, and who may benefit from communication and technology. By taking our message directly to the people it is apparent that the audience’s attention will be far greater than any pre-recorded medium can deliver. The objective is lasting impressions, especially among young people, who may retain our lessons and examples throughout their lifetimes. By featuring Peace Tour educational events live, including demonstrations about the use of computers and the Internet, we anticipate creating a ‘buzz’ among the community and leaving favorable lasting impressions. By donating these events at various national and international locations and featuring live lectures, seminars, and training by instructors, we anticipate assisting the public awareness about the benefits and means of using global communication, such as the Internet.

How will you provide effective communication in foreign countries?
When necessary, our public events in foreign countries will utilize local dialect interpreters to assist the instructor in communicating with the audience. If requested, we can provide rudimentary English language instruction and English reading lessons as they apply to the usage of the Internet. In order to appeal to the sensitivities of a culture when hosting an event, we will employ language interpreters, ambassadors who will encourage lasting friendships, and promote the host country’s cultural heritage by staging local entertainment.

How else can the Peace Tour benefit all people of the world?
Our cultural events will have immediate educational benefits we will leave permanent improvements. We will donate computer equipment and where possible aid in developing communication infrastructure to communities in underdeveloped countries we visit. Our digitally recorded seminars will provide people around the world with the opportunity to experience our educational events by accessing the Peace Tour archives. People will also learn about the countries and places the Peace Tour visits. The non-profit World Peace Through Technology Organization is structured as an educational purpose public charity corporation. It is designed to be a unique showcase of benevolent technology and how some of mankind’s efforts are focused on promoting world peace.