A Vision is Born

The Peace Tour concept was formulated in 1996 by travel author Brad Olsen (CCC Publishing) and video animation producer Michael O’Rourke (Dimension 7) as a necessary tool in taking benevolent technologies directly to the other side of the digital divide. The Peace Tour’s core focus is to aid in bridging the “digital divide” by ushering underprivileged people into the global community. Ultimately, we will inform world citizens of the changes occurring in the world as a result of technological advancement, economic shifts, an increased focus on environmental issues, peace settlements and other issues that will inevitably arise. With extensive experience in non-profit event production, our assembled group of “cybernauts” are uniquely qualified to produce these events, and more importantly, for the right reasons.

Our combined experience in mobile event production and our vision for the Peace Tour stems from our involvement within the worldwide culture of electronic dance music. The indirect influences for this cultural phenomenon and our affinity with it was inspired by two American sub-cultures; the first was the “hippie movement” of the San Francisco Bay Area in the sixties, and the second the Detroit disco scene from the seventies. These spawned the first techno dance parties in England during the early eighties. As this new scene gained support in London, musicians abroad began looking to this new medium for artistic inspiration. As musical equipment improved and became less expensive, more neo-culturalists started embracing electronic music. Artists of many other guilds were inspired to share their art with this new audience. As new theories developed in the field of physics (i.e. quantum mechanics, chaos theory, and fractals), early computer animators incorporated these sciences into their art. Before long, a new musical and artistic culture was formed, and thrives to this day.

Elsewhere around the world, electronic music started catching on and building momentum, initially in London, England. Huge musical events were being held in secret locations throughout the city and countryside. Participants were being mobilized by mere word of mouth. A strong communal sub-culture developed. The U.K. government started passing strict laws prohibiting these events. The organizers went international. By the early Nineties these events were being held all over the world, and the electronic dance music started absorbing new artistic elements. In the Indian state of Goa, the newly arrived English techno organizers met earlier arrived American transplants and meshed immediately. In India they incorporated Eastern spirituality into this next evolution of dance culture. In the San Francisco Bay Area this dance culture merged with Silicon Valley technology, which resulted in computer-enhanced visual and high-tech audio events. Superseding its entertainment value, dance culture promotes community and understanding between people and raising awareness of ourselves creates peace.

Time to Tour in Peace

Now that the Peace Tour project is actively being developed, there is no looking back. A new technology-based culture is the adhesive that will bring the production and our global audience together. Oddly, it is through technology, so often advanced for the purposes of destruction, which will allow the general population to overcome existing blocks (i.e. racism, prejudices) and evolve into a culture encompassing all humanity, indeed all life on Earth. It is the achievement of this goal, which we invite any organizations and nations to participate with us, just as the United Nations did 55 years ago at the close of World War II.

By booking popular musical acts, creating provocative visual effects, and hosting distinguished speakers, the Peace Tour is destined to create a national and international buzz, both online and live at the event. People from all over the world are passionate about the subject matter our educators are presenting. This subject matter will be communicated by creating a visual spectacle that immerses or envelops the audience in a sea of light and sound. The learning seminars will be presented in a way that is both fun, cool, and technologically savvy, but most importantly, it will be meaningful information that has revolutionary consequences.