Peace Through Literature

Raul Lemesoff, an artist from Argentina, converted a former military vehicle into a mobile library whose weapons are books. The modified 1979 Ford Falcon holds around 900 books and resembles a tank. His “Weapon of Mass Instruction”, or “Arma De Instrucci├│n Masiva” (ADIM) in Spanish, became very popular. Raul often cruises the streets of Buenos Aires and other towns and villages, as well as travelling throughout the country, sometimes visiting areas with no access to education or books. He has built a second vehicle, and a third which he brought to The Hague in Holland.

The Weapon of Mass Instruction contributes to peace and understanding of people through literacy.

On his website, Raul explains that the Weapon of Mass Instruction is a mobile sculpture that carries books and gives them away for free. The ability to transport allows them to receive donations of books from anywhere and bring them to anywhere. Small quantities of donated books are added to the vehicle, while large quantities are given to schools and communities throughout South America. Raul describes the vehicle as a “contribution to peace through literature.” …