My Hunch about Free Energy

A WPTTO director stopped by my flat just now to pick up some "How Weird" postcards and we began talking about benevolent technologies. We were in agreement that the current model of oil / coal / nuclear is woefully outmoded in creating a sustainable energy model for our future. We must consider all the living people, animals, plants and general health of the planet co-existing in a harmonious state, but this is simply not happening. Let’s face it, humans are the parasite — truly messing up nearly all eco-systems on planet earth. There has to be a better way! We’ve put a man on the moon, created the microchip, and we can communicate or travel globally. But the 19th century invention of an internal combustion engine based on gasoline is the best we can do for personal transportation? It is this technology block that is choking the planet and all its inhabitants. Big Oil / special interests are to blame. Long story short, while all WPTTO Directors very much applaud the prospects of hydrogen energy moving us into the 21st century, there is one festering problem. The nonpolluting aspect of hydrogen is encouraging, but how to create the energy to create the energy? Every scientist would point out the many laws of thermodynamics. I too believe in science, but …


My hunch is someone in a compartmentalized area of the USA government or Big Oil itself retains the necessary free energy technology, but are suppressing it intentionally for personal or corporate greed. Remember the saying: “What is good for General Motors is good for the USA, and what is good for the USA is good for General Motors?” There are also governmental energy domination motivations at hand. I believe the US government has backward engineered free energy devices since the 1940s when the first extraterrestrial spacecrafts were recovered. If the millions of UFO sightings worldwide are to be believed, there is another method of extracting energy from the universe that neither pollutes nor costs very much. I’ve heard it called “zero-point energy” or “free energy” using the process of cold fusion that does not produce any harmful by-products. But such a scientific “discovery” would certainly shake-up the status quo and pretty much render Big Oil obsolete. Not so fast buster — they are among the biggest corporations on the planet! It is far easier to suppress the technology and hire really good lobbyists and PR people. Oh, and a President and Vice President who develop energy policies behind locked doors with vested corporate ties to Big Oil doesn’t hurt, either.


There is another saying that no free thinker is ahead of his or her time, they are their time! Right now excessive carbon emissions are melting the polar ice caps and threatening the delicate balance of the planet. This carbon-energy madness, like war, needs to end on planet earth if we hope to survive as a species. I think we are smart enough. We’ve made it this far where you are out there somewhere in cyberspace reading my blog …


If I could make up a bumper sticker (for a hydrogen car) on the above subjects they would read:


Boycott the 19th Century Oil-Based Internal Combustion Engine!

Release Free Energy Technology!

Let’s Keep Planet Earth Alive.


Thoughtfully yours,


Brad Olsen

WPTTO Executive Director

Car-free since 2002. I love my bike!

Free Energy