“Free Energy” is the first release of a series of viral music videos produced by Elevate, featuring the conscious hip-hop band Luminaries. The series intends to bring awareness to globally significant issues and solutions. “Free Energy” was produced in conjunction with Pachamama Alliance. Elevate’s mission is to utilize the awesome power of art and media to celebrate and elevate the human experience.

It is “time to gather round. The moments now!
How will it all turn out?”

The Luminaries also produced a music video for their song “Peace”, from the same album as “Free Energy”…


Here are the lyrics to “Peace”:

I say peace when I jump on a beat
I say peace when I’m walking the street
I say peace when the sun’s in the east
I say peace when I move with the fleet
I say peace when I’m facing the beast
I say peace when I’m taking u deep
I say peace cause I know I’m complete
I say peace

P is for the people
E is for the essence
A is for the answers that we get from God’s questions
C is for the conscious
E is for the Earth
So every body gotta stand up and find your worth
A world divided will often fall to disease and violence
gotta get through the shame and the silence so we can be united

Only the righteous will overcome and become enlightened
living ya life
loving ya self
so let the light in

One love, One blood, and One Heart
One people, One World, and One God
We gotta come together united for one cause
Put ya hands up in the air for peace!

Peace world wide starts from inside
We gotta find a better way that we can be
Peace world wide starts from inside
Go head and let cha mind body soul be free
Peace world wide starts from inside
the answer and solution always starts with me
Peace world wide starts from inside
If you want to save the world,

I gotta peace of mind
I gotta piece of paper
about to make a perfect rhyme that the world will savor
Counting stars gazing past 2011

To 2012 infinity, 777
I hope we make it to heaven on earth
to see my bredren
come back, resurrected
Bob Marley the Legend
It’s One love
me and my people are all connected
for world peace
we gotta have a common collective

Martin taught us the lessons
of how we should be respected and
Gandhi truly embodied the non-violent perspective

Global community unity maybe you and me
can sit down build upon love cuz it’s what we need
let’s get to farming and feeding the people starving
across the whole planet
what’s going on is alarming
sustainable living
we don’t need their provisions
we can grow it pick it an eat it
that’s the world I envision
on a mission to spread peace
all around the world

Like Chase paint a face
make a beautiful mural
Africa needs peace
Europe and South America
Asia and Australia do you believe in miracles?
Cuz it can happen if everybody would tap it
to all the love in their hearts
and every body started laughing
time for action
no time to explain
it takes 6 billion willing people to change

Now imagine if the words of John Lennon would come alive
and every body in the world started to unite
realize it aint far fetched we can do it
come together for a cause do it with the music
use it take time and pursue it
dreams and aspirations are all up to you
cuz everybody in the world wanna get free
and every body in the world, wants peace!




Free energy